A picture of shrines to The Mórrígan, the Tuatha Dé Danann, Ganesha, and Nehalennia, with various offerings and candles lit.


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Need some Spiritual Accounting? I offer divination through Tarot, Oracle, and scrying methods to help you along your path.

Sacred Art

I am taking art commissions for your deity needs! I will work with you and your deities to create an art piece for your sacred space. I offer both traditional and digital mediums, with prices suitable to any budget.

Sacred Writing

Have you found that you can’t find a prayer that represents your connection to a deity? I can help with that! I will write a custom prayer that helps you connect more authentically with your deities.

Class Resources

Here you can find resources for the classes that I have taught and make teaching requests.

Other Services

If you are looking for prayers, blessings, cleansings, or the like, this is where you can request a consultation.

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“I’ve gotten several readings from them, both blind and in-context. They’ve been incredibly accurate, thorough, and insightful. They’re on the short list of diviners I go to.”


“Highly recommend. Great reader. Kai made sure I understood each part of the reading, was happy to provide clarification, and helped me feel at ease.”