About Me

Kai Belcher-Ross

Spiritual Advisor and Priest

Kai (they/them) is a spirit worker and priest of An Mórrígan that has been practicing paganism and polytheism for over a decade. They have studied various magical traditions and mainly focus on native Irish tradition (through the Irish Pagan School), Fairy Witchcraft (more info here), and Star Worship. As a spirit worker, they write prayers and create sacred art as a way to serve their community and bring people closer to the divine. They are also well-versed in the Tarot, scrying, and other forms of divination, which they use primarily for spiritual accounting services.

In their spare time, they also enjoy video games and tabletop RPGs, cooking, music, and cuddling with their sentient cloud of a cat, Smokey. They also love doing live streams on Twitch and engaging with their community.

Some services I offer include:

Divination and Spiritual Accounting Services
Sacred Art and Writing Commissions
Spiritual Path Consultations

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