Divination Services

This is where you can find information about my various divination services. I specialize in spiritual accounting, so if you have blind readings, I’m a great person to consult! If you have any questions regarding a service, feel free to use the Contact Us page to reach out.

Standard Three Card Draw

This is the most basic reading I can do for you. I will answer a basic question with three cards from my Legend of Zelda deck. This type of reading can serve as a simple Yes or No reading, or serve as a general reading of a situation. Delivery through email. $15

In-Depth Reading, Six to Nine Cards

This is my most popular reading! I will do an in-depth general reading for your situation, or if you have a specific question, I will answer that and give you suggested solutions. These readings typically run 30 minutes and will be done live, either through video or chat. $40 for the first half-hour, $1 per minute after the first half-hour.

Choose Your Deck! In-Depth Reading

With this option, you get to choose from my whole collection! This is an excellent option if you have specific spirits you work with or just like a little bit of variety. These will typically be around 30 minutes, with at least six cards pulled, done live, either through video or chat. $50 for the first half-hour, $1 per minute after the first half-hour.

For a list of available decks and divination methods, click here!

Personal Reading with Coaching

Are you feeling like you need a little more guidance than just a simple tarot reading? With this option, we will schedule a video/phone call and I will give you an in-depth reading with the deck of your choice, as well as brainstorm solutions and an action plan moving forward. This is an excellent choice if you are in need of a direction on your spiritual path. These sessions will last at least one hour. $120 per hour.

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“Very insightful reader. Kai has a way of digging into the deep truths in a concise and gentle way. They also have the coolest tarot decks! Highly recommend.”


“Gave me a blind reading that was very insightful. Thorough and informative, able to explain the process and results very well.”