31 Days to the Mórrígan

Alright folks, time for me to get down to business after a bit of a hiatus. I decided to do a devotional exercise in going through the 31 Days to the Mórrígan promts by Liminal Raven (See original post here) to get myself doing some more fulfilling devotional work. I’m hoping that what comes out of this helps me to build my strength and confidence so that I can keep growing and moving forward with Her. I will be starting tomorrow on the new moon, October 6th, and going until the next new moon in November.

I’m planning to also work on building up my skillset with invocation work, so that I can be a proper vessel in times of need. I’m going to be going through a couple books and exercises to do so, I was thinking that once I’m finished with those books I may write a review. I’m looking forward to the month ahead!

Wisdom from The Mórrígan

I’ve been meaning to write up this post for a while, but I didn’t feel I had all the words to share it properly. I hope that this reaches you where it needs to.

We were in a space that we share elsewhere (it’s like it’s in my mind but it’s not, think of it as a place I “journey” to), sitting on the beach. We sat in silence for a while before She spoke to me. She said this:

“Look at this shoreline. You are both the waves – relentless, powerful ever-changing – and the shore – steadfast, resilient, adaptable. Remember that.”