Poem for Battle

Your fate is in our spellsong
Your future sealed in our words
Your fortune bound with our magic
Behold our song and story
Behold our fury holy
Behold our battle glory
We shriek to the sky our battle magic
We dance upon your valour and your honour
We leap across your armaments in frenzy
From spear point to spear point
From shield rim to shield rim
From heartstring to heartstring
We trample your courage, we crush your resolve
We tear flesh from bone and muscle from sinew
We bring your bloody destruction
You falter and fall with your allies about you
You witness your armies defeated around you
You have no power, no will left within you
You are sundered and sullied, you are undone
You are broken and beaten, you are unwhole
You are desolate and destitute, you are unwelcome
This fury is ours, you shall not break it
This valour is ours, you shall not shake it
This victory is ours, you shall not take it
Our fury and our fervor bring us victory
Our magic and our might bring us victory
Our strength and our satire bring us victory
We are victorious, your armies defeated
We are victorious, your allies defeated
We are victorious, you are defeated

On Sovereignty Goddesses

This is going to be a bit of a rant on my part, as I’ve seen this trend in multiple books and circles in regards to Sovereignty Goddesses and disempowering them. My area of interest is with The Mórrígan, of course, but I have seen this with other deities as well.

It drives me up a wall to see folks removing the agency from these deities, reducing them to a “handing off” of power to someone (usually men in the lore) and that being all they are good for. Generally in the Irish lore this is seen as the goddess having sex with said person, or in a ritual marriage to the person, thus cementing the king’s tie to the land and its people. This was generally how kings were accepted into their position, and people seem to leave these goddesses behind in their mind after the coronation.

Sovereignty is FAR more than kingship, and it is certainly not the goddess handing over all her power to these kings. By choosing these people to be sovereigns, the goddess is showing that these people can do what is best for the land and its people. These people are capable of carrying out HER wishes, doing HER work, carrying out HER will. Sovereignty is not about getting power, wealth, recognition. Being a sovereign is about stewardship and right relationship in the highest sense – you are doing the Work for the people and the land. Either you do the job you were chosen to do or you get tossed in a bog somewhere and try again next life.

The TL;DR being this: The gods are not sex toys to give you power and glory. If you are chosen by them you are here to do what they want, not the other way around.