For the Heliacal Rising of the Pleiades

Hail to you, O Great Queens of Fairy!
Hail to the Courts of the Starry Firmament!
You have traveled this earth for the moon’s turn,
Bringing with You the blessings of the stars.
May Your journeys have borne the sweet fruits of knowledge!
May You return with great splendor to Your Courts above us!
May Your realms be filled with Holy Fire once more!
O, Queen of The Greenwood
O, Queen of The Wind
O. Queen of The Wave
O, Queen of Horns
O, Queen of Flame
O, Queen of Stone
O, Crane Queen
May Your insights guide us along our paths to You,
May Your watchful gaze protect us in our Work,
May Your blessings be upon us in all that we do!
Hail to the Queens, may Their way be opened!
Hail to the Queens, may Their light burn bright!
Hail to the Queens, may Their power be supreme!

Poem for Battle

Your fate is in our spellsong
Your future sealed in our words
Your fortune bound with our magic
Behold our song and story
Behold our fury holy
Behold our battle glory
We shriek to the sky our battle magic
We dance upon your valour and your honour
We leap across your armaments in frenzy
From spear point to spear point
From shield rim to shield rim
From heartstring to heartstring
We trample your courage, we crush your resolve
We tear flesh from bone and muscle from sinew
We bring your bloody destruction
You falter and fall with your allies about you
You witness your armies defeated around you
You have no power, no will left within you
You are sundered and sullied, you are undone
You are broken and beaten, you are unwhole
You are desolate and destitute, you are unwelcome
This fury is ours, you shall not break it
This valour is ours, you shall not shake it
This victory is ours, you shall not take it
Our fury and our fervor bring us victory
Our magic and our might bring us victory
Our strength and our satire bring us victory
We are victorious, your armies defeated
We are victorious, your allies defeated
We are victorious, you are defeated

Prayer to Badb

Badb, Great Queen
Battle Crow and Poet Prophet
Prophecy pours from your Red Mouth
Red Mouthed and Shrieking
Shrieking as you fly
Fly above me, O Badb
Badb inciting us to fight
Fighting with spears clashing
Clashing and flashing against the shields of our enemies

Enemies falling to our spears
Spears plunging hearts into earth
Earth below me, the blood of battle take
Take this as your feast
Feast and grow strong with life
Life renewing as life fades away
Away you fly, O Badb
Scald Crow satisfied with the the outcome
Come to us again, O Badb, and fly above us always

Prayer to Fea

I call to Na Mórrínga
I call to you, Fea
Wife of War and Woman of Battle
You who strikes fear with a cry
Who tears at the hearts of your enemies
You are quiet love and fierce fury
Your sharp claws bring chaos
Your piercing cry lives in me
My praise to you, my worship to you
Keen, true-striking Goddess
I walk in your shadow on the battlefield.

Worshiping “Unknown” Gods

A friend of mine recently asked what it’s like worshipping a deity that doesn’t have much in the way of lore or information in general on them, in this case referring to my relationship with Nehalennia. I thought this would be an interesting topic to cover, as I know there are many folks out there that work with deities like this, and how you can still worship them even if you don’t know much about them.

I got my start with Nehalennia around 2015 when I was gifted a pendant that was designed with Her in mind. There was a small blurb about Her, which made me curious. I did what most folk would do and dived down the internet rabbit hole in search of information. What I found was fairly sparse, though it was still enough to get me started. Of course there was a Wikipedia page which gave m a little info and some links to get started. There were a few other blog posts I found, as well as the Temple of Nehalennia that was reconstructed in 2005. All of them said roughly the same thing: Some votive (offering) stones were found in the 17th century that depicted a goddess, sometimes with a dog at her feet, sometimes with other various symbols like a basket of apples or a ship’s prow. Some of them had inscriptions stating who they were for, which is how we got the name Nehalennia. It’s believed She was worshiped around the 1st century BCE, though there have been other stones (and temple remains) found dating later than that. It’s thought She was a goddess of trade, merchants, travelers, and possibly fertility. That was, at the time, most of the info that was out there.

Since then, things have obviously developed further and there is a healthy cultus devoted to Her in Her native Zeeland, in the Netherlands. The Temple regularly holds rites dedicated to Her as well, and another person developed and oracle deck to Her. I don’t believe much more info has been discovered, but I have noticed more and more people gravitating to Her. Some folks treat Her like one of the Germanic Matres deities, or equate Her with Frau Holle or the Cailleach. I personally don’t try to syncretize deities, but to each their own I suppose.

Eventually, when the lore and facts dry up, you have to reach out and try to connect with these deities if you want to develop a relationship with them. I always try to get some lore and information from living traditions under my belt before I start developing significant relationships with deities – it’s like asking what their favorite foods are or when their birthday is, if we were equating it to a human friendship developing. Once I feel like I’ve gotten enough information, I start getting into the nitty-gritty with the deity, which is where Unverified Personal Gnosis (UPG) comes in.

My personal practice is informed by both lore and UPG, but if there is a conflict, I default to lore. This of course is an issue when you don’t have much in the way of lore to compare to. Sometimes you just have to go with your gut until something more concrete comes along. Its very possible that your UPG will be wrong eventually, and that is OK. Spirituality, like anything else, is a process where you learn and grow as you go along.

Depending on your practice, there are probably things you find important – things like feast days or holidays, offerings, symbols, etc. We are lucky enough with Nehalennia to have some idea of what was given as offerings, things like bread, apples, and (obviously) votive stones carved in Her image. We don’t have a solid day of celebration for Her, though some folks celebrate Her on January 5th or 6th, which was the day in 1645 some of Her votive stones were found. Others have other days that they celebrate, some (like me) tend to give Her regular offerings and check in when it seems right. In this case, I don’t think any of these options are wrong, though I do recommend looking at what the folks at the Nehalennia Foundation are doing if you’re looking for somewhere to get started.

So, for anyone looking at deities that don’t have much out there in the way of information, these are my suggestions.

1) Look for information, as much as you can find, with a discerning eye.
2) See if you can find a native, living practice for the deity, and engage with that community as you can.
3) Divination and discernment on any UPG you get. This can be as simple as a yes/no blind divination if you like.
4) Keep working on your practice. It will grow and change as time goes on.
5) Don’t be afraid to change your practice based on new information. We are always uncovering new things, and you might be pleasantly surprised when it lines up with your UPG.

I hope this is helpful for anyone developing a practice with a new deity, even if they aren’t well documented. Good luck out there!

Here are some links to various resources I mentioned in this post:

The pendant I mentioned above Nehalennia’s Wikipedia Page The Temple of Nehalennia at Colijnsplaat Bela Síol’s Nehalennia Oracle Deck A recipe for a traditional Dutch sacrificial bread, Duivekater

Prayer to Indigenous Spirits of the Land

Spirits of this land
Spirits of the people who came before, who called this place home
I bring you these offerings:
I bring you my awareness
That I may witness your pain and suffering
I bring you these words
That I may heal the pain of words twisted against you
I bring you this warmth
That I may give comfort instead of sickness
I bring you this food
That I may give back life taken from you
I bring you clean water
That I may refresh your tired and screaming throats
I bring you my voice
That I may lift up yours
I bring these to give back what my forebears stole from you through blood and terror
You were stolen from this land as it was stolen from you
My offerings and prayers will not remove the atrocities you’ve felt
Though I hope that it brings you some peace

Daily Devotional Prayer to The Mórrígan

I call to you, An Mórrígan, Great Queen
Bringer of Victory
Sorcerer and Seer of the Tuatha Dé Danann
I ask for Your guidance
May Your hands and wisdom guide me along the path you wish me to walk
That I may always be doing Your Work,
Speaking Your Truth
Walking with You in right relationship
Fighting together side by side on the battlefield.
O Great Queen, An Mórrígan
I am Your warrior, Your poet, Your priest
I am with You, and You are with me.

A Prayer and A Portent

An Mórrígan
Great Queen
Queen of Battle Fury
Queen of True Portents
Lend us Your Strength
May Your hands guide us
Our screams strike fear
Our magics bring confusion
Blood and fire raining upon our enemies ceaselessly
Spears strike Truth
Truth illuminates fear
Fear upon our enemies
Enemies Scatter
Scatter like flies
Flying in confusion
Confused and afraid
Fleeing in fear
Fear becomes terror
Terror screaming
Screams as flesh is wrought from bone
Bones are picked clean
Clean from filth and waste
Waste becomes growth
Growth becomes peace

Prayer to the Dagda about Parenthood

An Dagda, the Good God,
Great and Ample Father,
Teach me to be a parent in your image.
Always willing to help, going above and beyond for my children.
Teach me to be a healthy example,
that they may grow strong and joyful, skilled and resourceful,
fiercely loyal to their truths.
Teach me to give wise advice for their journey,
but to listen when they speak wise words on mine.
Give me the strength to travel to the ends of the earth,
to carry them when they have fallen too far,
to bring them home when they are lost.
May every action I take be for my love of them,
and may we always have full and satisfied hearts.

Prayer to The Dagda for Strength

Mighty Dagda
Good God
Ample Father
King of the Tuatha Dé Danann
I ask for your aid
Lift me into your strong arms when I am broken
Care for me and build my strength
Help me to do the impossible tasks set before me
Carry the mantle of my burdens with me
Teach me to care for myself, that I may care for others
Teach me to rest, that I may rise each day to do the Work
Teach me of Your gentle strength, that I may rise each day to do Your Work
May I provide enough to my family, my community, my people
May none leave my side unsatisfied