For the Heliacal Rising of the Pleiades

Hail to you, O Great Queens of Fairy!
Hail to the Courts of the Starry Firmament!
You have traveled this earth for the moon’s turn,
Bringing with You the blessings of the stars.
May Your journeys have borne the sweet fruits of knowledge!
May You return with great splendor to Your Courts above us!
May Your realms be filled with Holy Fire once more!
O, Queen of The Greenwood
O, Queen of The Wind
O. Queen of The Wave
O, Queen of Horns
O, Queen of Flame
O, Queen of Stone
O, Crane Queen
May Your insights guide us along our paths to You,
May Your watchful gaze protect us in our Work,
May Your blessings be upon us in all that we do!
Hail to the Queens, may Their way be opened!
Hail to the Queens, may Their light burn bright!
Hail to the Queens, may Their power be supreme!

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